It’s time to consider further the shape of hospitable reality, and the relation of faith to both meditation and action. There is a place for gratitude to the hospitable God, for worship in different forms – often missing in Europe. In the United States there is more widespread worship of God – though there are other problems there. Hospitality – gratitude – reciprocity are often seen differently at different stages in human life. Here we are invited to explore implications of the hospitable God and Christ, Spirit, Trinity, Church, sacraments, community, ethics and society.

How and why does Christianity foster hospitality? Most basically, Christians practice hospitality because hospitality is part and parcel of the very life of God. Strange as it may seem, any exploration of hospitality must get its bearings from the doctrine of the Trinity, Christianity’s primary and most foundational affirmation about ultimate reality. (United Church of Christ, May 2005 Confessing Christ Steering Comittee)