This introduction presents an overview of key concepts covered in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book analyses chronologically the battle over CVA-01 and the carrier force during the defence review of 1965-66. It presents the progress of the review up to and including the pivotal Defence Council meeting of 5 October 1965 in which CVA-01 was given a stay of execution, and finishes with the final months of the battle to save CVA-01 including its progress through Cabinet Committees and its final cancellation following the February 1966 Defence Review. The book explores the aftermath of the Defence Review and the naval leadership's attempts to rebuild its position within the Ministry of Defence up to the defence economies of January 1968 when the withdrawal from east of Suez is accelerated to 1971 and the F-111 is cancelled. Finally it reviews the problems of materiel and procurement after the 1966 defence review.