Jaja Wira Praccaram Bahu. Defeats the Count of Pasdum Corla. Maha Pandita Praccaram Bahu Raja. Is defeated by the King Amhulvagala. He becomes Emperor in his place. Derma Praccaram Bahu. His four brothers. A Moor of Calpentyn, with a large army, is defeated by two of his brothers. The King of Candi names himself Emperor of Ceylon. But is defeated. Children of his daughter. He again fights with the Emperor. A ship from Portugal anchors in the Bay of Colombo. With whose chiefs the Emperor makes a treaty. Thereafter he dies. Viga Bahu. The third Portuguese ship comes here. With whose chiefs the Emperor makes an eternal treaty. The Emperor's sons by a Princess whom he and his brothers had together. Is killed by his sons. Bowaneca Bahu Maha Raja. Happenings in his reign. The King of Candi defeated. The Emperor attacked by his brothers. Obtains relief from the King of Portugal. The death of the King of Raygam. The Emperor kills his older brother. Is shot dead. Darma Palla Maha Raja. The King of Majadune defeated. The Viceroy of Goa comes to help the Emperor. Defeats the King of Majadune. And returns to Goa. Vidia. Rajoe, the Emperor's father, fights the Portuguese. Marriages and children of the King of Candi. Is defeated by his son, and flees to the King of Majadune. He grants him refuge in his land. The King of Irigal Rajoe described. Captured Councillor returns from Goa back to Ceylon. A Franciscan Monk baptizes the Emperor. Further actions of Videa Rajoe. King of Majadune makes peace with the Emperor. Further actions of Vidia Rajoe. The Prince Tiquiri Rajoeroe Bandara is named Raja Singa Rajoe. Vidia Rajoe kills the King of Seven Corks, and becomes its King. Is put to flight. Raja Singa seizes Seven Corlas. The 228 Emperor Dharmapalla Raja conquers the country of Mature, but loses it again. Raja Singa defeats the Portuguese. Expels Dermapalla and becomes Emperor of all Ceylon. His further actions. Indications of the defects of this history of the Ceylonese Emperors. List of Ceylonese Emperors. Narrative of others on these Emperors. Don Jan marries Donna Catharina, daughter of Mahadasseyn. He puts Raja Singa to flight, and makes himself Emperor. Is defeated by Don Jan. Wounds himself in grief and dies. Old hatred between him and Don Jan. His father is taken captive by Raja Singa and shot to death with wooden pellets. Successors of Don Jan and his half-brother Cenuwieraat. And their further actions.