Particular matters of Ceylon. Alexander the Great claimed as first discoverer of Ceylon. Information of the Cingalese on their first arrival. Vegea Raja, first discoverer of the island a.m. 1996. Further information on this. History of the old Kings of Ceylon. Vagoe Rajas marriage. The prophecy regarding his daughter. This princess, impregnated by a lion, produces a son and daughter, to which son she makes known his lineage. Further actions of this Prince. He is raised to King. Builds a royal city. Marries his sister and is crowned. This becomes a royal custom in Ceylon. Their children. Names of the two oldest sons who depart from the kingdom. And land on Ceylon. There they build a city. Vigea Bahu Comara first discoverer of Ceylon. He is married to the Princess of Madure and dies after a reign of 30 years. Tissanaon Ameti reigns 1 year. Simit Comara, Pandoe Vassajoe. Princes, fleeing here, build various cities. Pandoe Vassajoe becomes first Emperor. His children. Abeia Comara reigns 20 years. Sagoeganatissa. Digagamoenoe. Pandoe Cabaja. Builds the city Anoereajapoere. Moeta Singa Raja. Deveni Petisse Maharaja. Soeratissanam. Two Malabar Princes. Assalanam Raja. Etalunam. Gelinitissa Raja. Goloeumbera. Ganatissa Rajoe. Of the noble administration in his name. Doetoe Geinoene. Maha Raja. Sedetissa Raja. Tullenam Raja. Lemenetissa Caloeman Raja. Walagam Bahu Raja. Five Malabar Kings rule thereafter. Vallagamboe Raja. Chonanga Raja. Bemminitissa. Mahadeliatissa. Chorawa. Coeda Tissa Rajoe. Anularan Bisava Coelavaon. Tomo. Maloelantissa. Batia Raja. Madilimanna Raja. Adagtie Muwene Raja. Cada Ambera Raja. Nalabissava, Elunna Raja. Sandamoehoenoe Raja. Asnapa Raja. Vzcnelisinam Raja. Bapa Raja.