Inhabitants of Ceylon. Of the Cingalese. Their nature. The hill people. Their dress. Dress of the Emperors, and of the chiefs. Their marriage. Economy. Furniture. Food. The slavishness of the women. Their cruelty with their newborn children. Their artisans. The elephant hunt, a picture. The beginning of their year, etc. Their addiction to sorcery. Become very old. Knowledge of sickness and healing. Their measures, yards, etc. Laws. Acrobats among them. Languages used here. Their scholarship. Their fear for the dead. Cremation or burial and mourning for the dead. Appearance of their nobles. And how those who die from the pox are dealt with. Of the Malabars. Bedas. Portuguese and other inhabitants. Of the produce of the land. Oxen ploughing and threshing here. The trees. The talipot tree. The kettule tree. The cinnamon tree. What cinnamon is. Where it is. Its three sorts. The orule tree. The doenekaja shrub. The capita shrub. The god-tree, etc. Many edible roots. Wonderful medicinal herbs. Different sorts of trees. The Pitsja tree and flower trees. Animals here. Elephants, etc. Birds. Bloodless animals. Fish. Mountain produce. Stones. Goods derived or found here. Coins. Measures and weights. Measure of cloth. Administration of this island by an Emperor. His bodyguard. Incomes. Where the taxes are given. The two chief officers of state. Incomes of the Governors. Their subordinate officers. Strength of the Emperors in war.