The Kingdom of Jaffnapatnam, divided into four Districts. The Fort and City described and map. Also the Church of the Cross. The villages of Welligamme. Warmoratie, Timmeratie. And those belonging to Pachelapali. The islands west of Jaffanapatnam. Amsterdam, Leyden, and their villages. The Fort Cais or Hammenhiel. The islands Delft, Middelburg, Hoorn, etc. The land of the Weddas or Bedas. The Fort of Tricoenmale. The town Cotjaar. The town and Fort of Baticalo. The city of Baticalo at a distance. And a map of the Fort. Various towns and villages. The towns Mature and Biiligam. Toetoecoryn. The interior of Ceylon described. Reasons why not much can be said of the interior. From Gale northwards one comes to the town Mapulagam, etc. Adam's Peak. The town Anguratotte and Saffragam. The towns Malvane and Balane. The city Sitavaca. The Fort and town Ruanelk, etc. The city Manicramare. The Fort Ganoor. Various towns and villages. The city Elledat and Dietlicke, Also Nilobe and Candi. Various towns and villages. The city Bintene. The town Anaragiepoer. Other towns and villages. The cities Jale and Vellas.