Description of the island Ceylon. Arrangement, Name of the island. Ceylon proved to be Taprobana of the ancients. Latitude and Longitude. Boundaries. Shape. Size. Various writers on Ceylon. Among whom Baldeaus and Knox are outstanding. Also Joan Ribeyro, Ceylon divided into different Kingdoms. Their names. And Princedoms, Earldoms, Marquisates and Domains. Modern division into six Kingdoms. Their names. Names of the Princedoms. Earldoms, Marquisates and Domains. The 34 major districts. And 33 lesser districts. Coastal towns on the east side. Three great cities of the interior. Smaller interior cities. Rivers. Land form. Wonderful seasons there. Earthquakes. Map of Ceylon. City of Gale described and two maps of it. Gindere, a market town. Bakwelle and Gannegamme. Kosdoewa. Reygam. Madampe. The towns Billitotte and Maplagam. The villages Bentote. Alican. Verberin Island. Makoene town and Pelando village. The Fort Caleture. Angretotte and Panadure. Galkisse town. Cotta. Colombo city. Governor's house and other buildings in Colombo, shown in map. Governor and other officers described. Malwana, Reygamwatte, Groewabli and Matuwaal. Nigumbo Fort. The towns Camel, Arrunderi, Alanha, Marabel and Medampe. The town Chilauw. The town Corinde Coanwatte. Calpentyn Island. With the villages Maripo and Televari. The town Navacar. And the Calpentyn Fort. The towns Portaloan and Caddaumatris. The village Golgom. The island Grudumale. The town Aripen. The village Musalipatte. The island Manaar. The Fort shown in a map. Villages there. Manaar City. The villages Tottevalli, Eckelampatti, Car eel, St. Peter, Peixala, Tellemanaar, Peringale, Vellipatta, Palicoera and Calimoni.