Mr. Kittensteyn succeeds Mr. Maatsuyker as President in Ceylon, 1650. Extract from the Instructions left by Mr. Maatsuyker to Mr. van Kittensteyn. In 1652 the Emperor declares himself with us against the Portuguese. Mr. van Kittensteyn succeeded by van der Meyden. Futile attack of the Portuguese on Nigumbo, 1654. Sea battle between us and them. Mr. van Goens destroys some galleons near Cape de Ramos. Mr. Hulft in Ceylon, 1655, conquers Caliture. Besieges Colombo. And is shot dead on the 10th April 1656 in front of this city. Which is taken in the same year by Mr. van der Meyden. Toetoecoryn taken by van der Laan, 1658. Manaar and Jaffanapatnam conquered by Mr. van der Meyden. And the Portuguese driven entirely from Ceylon. Raja Singa is enraged against us, which lasts till his death. Takes Cnocx prisoner, 1660. Representations of the Governor van der Meyden on the state of Ceylon. Mr. van der Meyden succeeds Mr. van Goens again as Governor here, 1661. Short Extract from the Instructions of the Commissioner van Goens to the Governor of Ceylon. Mr. van Goens succeeds Mr. van der Meyden again as Governor here, 1663.