Boschhouwer leaves for Bantam, 1615, and he is sent to the Fatherland. Comes into dispute with the Directors. Goes to Indies again in the service of the Danes. Dies on the journey. As a result Danish affairs here vanish into thin air. Gule Gedde informs the Emperor of his arrival. He declares that he gave no orders for this. Further dealings of Gule Gedde with the widow and their outcome. Gule Gedde's departure from Ceylon. The Portuguese build a fort in the Bay of Trikoenemale. What the Emperor does against this. Constantyn de Saa is severely defeated by the Cingalese. Cenuwieraat's death, 1632. His kingdom divided among his three sons. But Raja Singa sets himself up as Emperor on the throne. Seizes Oeva. The Portuguese make a deceitful peace with him. Raja Singa calls the Dutch to his help, 1636. Writes a letter to the Governor of Choromandel. Their Excellencies send some ships to Ceylon. A certain Captain, having come to Ceylon sends people to the Emperor to attack Baticalo. The Portuguese plunder Candi, defeated by Raja Singa. There they are all killed except 70. The Emperor sends Ambassadors to Westerwolt, whom the Portuguese put to flight. Coster in Ceylon. Westerwolt In Ceylon, conquers Baticalo. And installs Coster as head. Makes a treaty with the Emperor, 1638. Short contents of this. Some goods delivered by the Emperor in reduction of debt. He sends some ambassadors to Batavia. Colombo besieged by the Emperor. Trikoenmale taken by Mr. Caan in 1639. Nigumbo conquered by Mr. Lucassoon in 1640, but retaken by the Portuguese. Gale conquered in 1640 by Mr. Coster. He is the first Chief of Gale but shortly thereafter is mercilessly murdered. Succeeded by Mr. 313Thyssen as Superintendent. Two ambassadors from Goa seek truce. This follows.