A.D. 1602. Three Zeeland ships come to Baticalo. How Sebald de Weerd is received there. His second expedition to Baticalo, 1603, where he is murdered. What provocation was given for this. And how he was the cause of his own death. What followed then. Death of Emperor Don Jan, 1604. Further described. The Prince of Oeva puts himself up as Emperor. Cenuwieraat opposes this. Donna Catharina sets herself on the throne. The Portuguese try in vain to make a treaty with her. New attempts on the crown by the two abovenamed Princes. Death of the Prince of Oeva. What the Queen does then. Her marriage with Cenuwieraat, 1604. He tries to make a treaty with the Dutch. The twelve year truce, 1609, Letters of their High Mightinesses to this ruler. Brought by Marcellus de Boschhouwer to the Emperor in Candi, 1612. He enters into a treaty with us. Brief content of this agreement. Boschhouder asks to take have. But the Emperor will not let him depart. He makes him Prince of Mingone, etc. Design of the Portuguese with a large army. Conquers Mingone. The death of the heirapparent Mahastane, 1612. The King of Panama beheaded. The fort of Walane conquered by the Emperor. The Prince of Mingone does great damage to the Portuguese. He and the Prince of Oeva are appointed guardians of the children of the Empress. Death of the Queen. Sickness of the Emperor who chooses the two abovenamed Princes as guardians. Death of Gaal Heneraad. Military attack. Don Munno de Ferieram. Whose army is beaten. The Prince of Mingone persuades the Emperor to set aside the marriage with his step-daughter.