Spilbergen arrives in Ceylon 1602. First at Baticalo. He is very well received, and Ms further activities here. Writes, after the imprisonment of his people, an earnest letter to the King. Sends an envoy to the Emperor. He asks that Spilbergen should come to visit him. Guyon le Fort comes here. And Spilbergen goes to Candi. Guyon Le Fort's return. Spilbergen goes again to the Emperor and elsewhere. Vintana described. His account on the way, and in Candi. He offers the Emperor the friendship of the Prince of Orange. Whereupon he presents him all the pepper and cinnamon that is ready. Why there was no more. Candi described in respect of its temples. Information of Spilbergen to the Emperor on our religion. He presents him with a portrait of the Prince of Orange and describes the state of the country. Honour done to him further by the Emperor and his offer to build a castle. Gives Spilbergen letters to the States and the Prince of Orange. Makes him his ambassador. Then he haves, presenting to the Emperor two musicians. Is looked for by Emmanuel Dias. Seizes a Portuguese galleon and presents it to the King. Receives some cinnamon and pepper. Guyon Le Fort goes to Candi with some people. His account there. Various other events. Spilbergen sails from Ceylon in September 1602.