Gaspar Chillan Irishman — Says that it is six years since he came from his country to Bilbao following up some important lawsuits concerning himself and some eminent citizens of London and which are pending in the royal Chancellery of Valladolid, as can be seen in the affidavits and sureties which he presents. And thus this supplicant being resolved to return to his native land and because of the experiences which I have I desire to serve God and your Majesty in matters of great importance, being Irish and so well affected to your Majesty, I offer for the preservation of your royal Treasury, the following particulars at no cost to your Majesty or your vassals but only to my own estate and that of my native land. And in order to judge whether what I propose is useful, advantageous and the truth and whether I am the suitable person for this your Majesty may seek information from the Nobles and religious of my country who reside in this Court, together with the affidavits and sureties presented.