This chapter will follow a simplified approach to presenting the basic technology elements essential to entering the e-negotiation sphere. In today’s world we are usually exposed to simple information technology (IT) concepts from childhood. To better understand the technology solutions adopted nowadays in e-negotiations, this chapter will provide more of an intuitive description of some of the technology elements involved in e-negotiations in terms of their relevance and interdependence. Technology will be presented here in analogy to negotiations as resolutions between goals, physical resources, and money. Although this might sound a little far-fetched, it does accurately depict reality because the evolution of technology is nothing more than meeting needs and communicating actions and intentions. Thinking and behavior that propel negotiation between two parties just don’t pop up out of nowhere. There is a need somewhere that we try to satisfy by negotiating options and achieving consensus that in turn is translated into actions that lead to a product which satisfies the initial need.