Earth – Earth is my first guru that I see first thing in the morning after waking up. Five great elements bother me but it continues to practice forgiveness. In Sanskrit, Earth is called Sarvasahā, one that bears all (Abbott 1974). Mountains and trees are also parts of the Earth, both of which are benevolent. Insane humans ramble on it, grow grains on it, dig out water from its belly, and yet forget to bow down to it. Such a human being cannot become spiritual seeker. Therefore, our ancestor has instructed us to bow down to the Earth while getting up in the morning, samudra vasane Devī. O mother Earth! You take care of me, I make my house on you, I walk on you, I produce grain from you, and I dig water from your belly. I am most related to you and that is why I adore you and bow to you. Mother! I torture you from my feet so please forgive me. When Brahmins establish a new idol in temple, they first worship the Earth. There is a deep significance for Earth-worship. Earth is forgiving and the rivers and trees born from its mountains are benevolent. Avadhūta says that he has learnt two qualities from the Earth, forgiveness and benevolence. One should be benevolent. “I am being benevolent” this should not occur to the donor. Similarly, a person accepting the favor should not feel too obliged for it. We should not harm one’s self-respect by doing favor on him. Such charity is meaningless.