O purohit, you should identify that guru who has identified the ultimate guru (God). That guru preaches about the dharma. That who is worthy of becoming guru is of natural character, embodiment of brahma, self-consumed, and endowed with Vedic qualities. These are the identifying adornments of the guru. Consider only that guru to be manifested who is established by the six-fold darśanas and who establishes the worldly pot by his own hands. You experience and have darśana of that guru but the path to reach that guru is difficult. He is beyond speech and their voice becomes speechless. All rudras are included in him. That guru himself is quite content but nourishes others and the entire universe. The voice of that guru is soaked with spiritual wisdom. Some pots are unclean but when they are roasted in the fire, they are purified and then the cow’s milk is collected in them. In the same way, with the holy company of the guru or by chanting of God, a lowly person can achieve greatness. However, diluted buttermilk can provide neither ghee nor store milk or pure water. That is, without the refuge of guru and God, one cannot benefit from worshipping other gods. Therefore, one should search for wise guru and pray for him. That guru destroys the illusion just as shaan destroys the corrosion from iron. Mind is purified with the holy water of preaching. Only sadguru can remove the suffering of the mind. This is the true identification of a sadguru. Without the yoga-līlā of Kṛṣṇa, raw clay could neither store water in the past nor never will in the future.