For readers who have been observing the publishing industry for more than 10 years from the outside, either as a consumer or as a partner in the supply chain, this book may cover familiar ground. Disruption in the publishing industry has been a frequent topic of business news in general, and many business leaders and pundits have been watching the industry closely to see who will survive and in what form. Most if not all of the disruption in publishing is a direct result of the introduction of new technology, which has had a dramatic, positive effect on the production and distribution of published material, and, as a consequence, on consumer behavior as well. But what may not be as familiar are the various ways in which the publishing industry has had to adapt to changes in the market, the different business models that publishers have had to adopt to continue to grow and meet consumer needs, and how similar changes may apply to other types of business. For readers currently on the inside of the publishing industry, this book should be useful as a primer for examining the challenges and opportunities provided by technology and how professionals can exploit recent technological changes to their best advantage.