Among managers, the notion of the arts as vocation persists. The widespread PERCEPTION IS THATBY CHOOSING TOWORK INANARTSORGANIZATION RATHER THANANOFlCE factory or shop, for example, employees are outside the rules and limitations of the ordinary milieu – the arts are different and therefore exempt from normal rules and REGULATIONS(OWEVERTHERESEARCHFOUNDTHATMANYASPECTSOFWORKINGINTHEPERFORMING arts are not peculiar to the profession; they occur in other employment sectors and are MORELIKELYTOBECHARACTERISTICOFTHETIMESINWHICHWELIVETHANSPECIlCTOTHESECTOR INWHICHWEWORK)NASSESSINGWORKPLACESTRESSORSITISTHERESPONSEOFTHEORGANIZATION in coexistence with the individual response, which determines negative stress levels.