People who are part of the artistic infrastructure report that they value creativity, per se, ANDMOSTARTSMANAGERSANDMANYARTSWORKERS LIKETOTHINKOF THEMSELVESAS TAKING a particularly imaginative and inventive approach to resolving the many and various ORGANIZATIONAL ANDOPERATIONAL ISSUES THEY ENCOUNTER COMMONLY4HIS VIEW IS ALIGNED with a widespread belief that the arts are different. Some of these potential differences are examined in Chapter 8, and experience indicates that the cultural sector certainly views itself as set apart, in one way or another. It is understandable that the central role of creativity in the arts – imbued as this is with passion, energy, imaginativeness and inspiration – should be considered by practitioners to be worlds away from the central ISSUESONTHEFACTORYmOORINTHEOFlCEORTHESHOP4OTRANSPOSETHISDIFFERENCEASAN ALL ENCOMPASSINGSINGULARTRUTHTOEVERYASPECTOFTHEARTSHOWEVERINCLUDINGWORKING terms and conditions, is unrealistic and unsupportable.