The established pattern in Europe, America and the Antipodes is that support groups FORTARGETS TENDTOBESETUPlRST4HISISBEGINNINGTOHAPPENIN#HINAAND*APAN)N THEEXTENTOFSCHOOLBULLYINGIN*APANRESULTINGINASPATEOFSUICIDESAMONGYOUNG CHILDRENWAS REPORTED BY THE ""# ""# A  AND HIT THE HEADLINESWORLDWIDE )N September 2009, The Telegraph reported an unusual event in southern China:

A community of dwarves has set up its own village to escape discrimination from normal sized people. (The Telegraph 2009)

These people were tired of ‘being pushed around and exploited by big people’ and, despite the Western view that treating humans this way is distasteful, some felt the creation of a BIZARRETYPEOFTHEMEPARK:

… was the dwarves’ best chance of employment given the surplus of labour in China. (The Telegraph 2009)

There has been intensive online debate about this issue.