As a research topic, bullying has been studied within a range of disciplines in the behavioural sciences, including psychology, psychiatry, sociology and social anthropology. !SAMANAGEMENTISSUEBULLYINGISGERMANETOSTUDIESOFORGANIZATIONALBEHAVIOURHUMAN resources development, leadership, corporate culture and business ethics. Increasingly, examination of the potential for legal redress and action by employers’ associations and TRADES UNIONS IS INTEGRAL TOWORKPLACE BULLYING STUDIES 2ESEARCHlNDINGS ON BULLYING have an impact on the development of management guidelines and policies for staff welfare, notably in terms of motivation and retention of staff, disciplinary and grievance PROCEDURESDIVERSITYMANAGINGCHANGEANDDIGNITYATWORK!SLEGALACTIONONWORKPLACE bullying becomes more common, employers are faced with more onerous responsibilities FOREMPLOYEESWELFAREATWORKANDAREBEGINNINGTOMAKElNANCIALPROVISIONFORHARM caused as a result of their negligence.