This final chapter provides a series of exercises that have been designed for the readership to practise the principles of the applied visual sociology advocated throughout this book (and especially during Chapter 9). Each exercise aims to develop competency and proficiency with fundamental methodological issues underlying applied visual sociology. Presented below are a number of ‘assignments’ that reflect a hierarchical model of progression (from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Advanced’) and may be completed by researchers at any stage of their academic career. Similarly, all exercises below are suitable for individual contemplation as part of self-study; or as part of extracurricular activity relating to structured coursework within academic and/or non-academic settings in which focus is upon visual methods and the social sciences (especially sociology). Similarly, these assignments are equally transferable to a wide range of pedagogic activities relating to visual research methods and/ or active learning (such as organised pair-work, group-work, discussion groups, debating societies, workshops and seminar groups).