Every few days, David O’Brien, the beat writer who covers the Atlanta Braves for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, starts a new blog post. His blog is so popular with Braves fans that if he didn’t start a new post on a regular basis, it soon would be too lengthy for readers to wade through. In an interview with the website DeadJournalist.com, O’Brien outlined how the blog developed after he was required by his editors to start it:

The more I interacted with the bloggers, the more of their questions I answered candidly and the more personal stuff I threw in, sometimes entirely unrelated to baseball, the more they responded. It’s been great. I quickly went from hating the whole blog concept—from at first being forced to do it kicking and screaming—to really enjoying it and going far beyond what [the editors] asked us to do in terms of time commitment, answering readers’ questions and updating posts throughout the day.