323We said in Chapter 3 that copy editing offers job opportunities of which many journalism students are unaware. In this chapter, we look at another opportunity for those looking for a possible career niche: the world of magazines and newsletters. The opportunity stems from these facts:

There are far more magazines and newsletters than you ever dreamed.

Magazine and newsletter offices are located all over the country, so there are probably jobs near you that you have no idea are there.

Magazines often pay more for opening positions than recent journalism grads would make at a first newspaper job—sometimes between half again as much to almost twice as much.

Editing for a magazine or newsletter often offers a chance to make a living writing and editing about a field of specific interest to you.

Because fewer journalism graduates know about these jobs, and because the jobs often favor candidates with specific interests that few may have in combination with your writing and editing skills, you often stand a better chance of being hired.

Because many magazines use freelancers for much of their material, staff positions often are in editorial positions.