IT is written by the laſt Poſt from Rochel, to a Merchant in this City, that there was a French ſhip arrived, the Maſter and Company of which reports, that about 2 or 300 Leagues Northweſt from Cape Finis Terre, they fell in with an Iſland where they went on ſhore, and found about 2000 Engliſh people without cloathes, only ſome ſmall coverings about their middle, and that they related to them, that at their firſt coming to this Iſland (which was in Queen Elizabeths time) they were but five in number men and women, being caſt on ſhore by diſtreſs or otherwiſe, and had there remained ever ſince, without having any correſpondence with any other people, or any ſhip coming to them. This ſtory ſeems very fabulous, yet the Letter is come to a known Merchant, and from a good hand in France, that I thought fit to mention it, it may be that there may be ſome miſtake in the number of the Leagues, as alſo of the exact point of the Compaſs, from Cape Finis Terre; I ſhall enquire more particularly about it. Some Engliſh here ſuppoſe it may be the Iſland of Braſile which have been ſo oft ſought for, Southweſt from Ireland, if true, we ſhall hear further about it; your friend and Brother, Abraham Keek.