In The Name Of God Amen. The twente day of August in the yeare of Lord God one thousande six hundreth and twelve, I Richard Hackluit, person of Wetheringsett in the countie of Suffolke, being of good and perfect memorie thanked be God, revokinge and frustrating hereby all former wills or testaments whatsoever heretofore by me thought upon or made, doe make declare and ordaine this my last will or testament hereafter followinge. First I commend my soule into the hands of God from whence I received the same, trusting thorow the only merits of Jesus Christ and the sanctification of the blessed Spirit to be both in body and soule a member of His most holy and heavenly kingdome. And as concerninge my body I yeald it (by course of nature and God his ordinance) unto the earth to be nevertheless decentlie buried (in hope of a happie resurrection) by the discretion and charges of my executor.