I. There use to come hither in the Winter about two thousand Samoieds with their Commodities, which may be such as we dreamed not on yet. For by chance one came to us with a piece of an Elephants tooth, which he said he bought of a Samoied. And here are men called Tingussies, 1 whose Country is beyond the Rivers of Obi, and Taes: and bordereth upon the great River Yenisse which is a good River and a deepe, and falleth into the Sea Naromzie. And it should seeme it is not farre from China. Therefore you may conceive what hope there is of this Enterprize, if it please God it may be followed as it ought to be. 2 Thus be seeching Almightie God to blesse you and us, I commit you to the protection of him who is the giver of all goodnesse. Jul. 24.1611.