When you shall see the English returned home out of our Spaine, and can finde no letters sent unto you from us, perhaps, & that worthily, you will accuse us of breach of our friendship & also as little mindful of our promise. Yet we as free from this fault salute you most willingly. For it is not long since we arrived here, that is to say in this Court, a little after the departure of your countriemen into England. Yet made our journie by sea & land indifferent pleasantly & according to our desire. After we had rested our selves a small while, we desired nothing more than to visit Andrew Garsia Cespedes, a man for many respects linked unto us in most straight bands of friendship. He greatly rejoyced of your goodwill towards him: And shewed me a certaine brief but very perspicuous relation of things atchieved by Don Juan de Onate 1 among the Indians of New Mexico. [Relation follows..]