An approbation of the historie ensuing, by me Richard Hakluyt. Being moved to publish mine opinion as touching this present Historie of John Leo; I do hold & affirme it to be the verie best the most particular, and methodicall, that ever was written, or at least that hath come to light, concerning the countries, peoples & affairs of Africa. For which cause, and knowing well the sufficiencie of the translator, my selfe was the first and only man that persuaded him to take it in hand. Wherein how diligently and faithfully he hath done his part; and how he hath enlarged and graced this Geographicall historie out of others, the best ancient and moderne writers, by adding a description of all those African maine lands and isles, and other matters verie notable, which John Leo himselfe hath omitted: I refer to the consideration of all judiciall and indifferent Readers.