In The Name Of God, Amen. I, Edmond Hackluyte of Eaton in the Countie of Hereford gentleman being in perfect healthe of bodye and good understandinge of mynde do make my laste will and testamente in forme folowinge. First I bequeath my soule into the handes of the blessed trinitie by whose infinite and un-speakeable goodnes and mercey I was created redeemed sanctified and preserved so many yeres in this huge sea of daungers and vale of teares: whose gracious goodnes in stead of punishinge my grevous sinnes hath bountifully powred many benefitts uppon me. Yea when my father and mother forsooke me and were taken from me by deathe even in myne infancy the Lord tooke me up the Lord cared for me. Tibi laus tibi honor tibi gratiarum actio in secula seculorum. Amen.