Then coasting along the shore of Florida, they [Drake and his men] seyzed two Towns, S. Antonies and S. Hellenes, both of them abandoned by the Spanish garrisons, and burnt them. Lastly, sayling along by a wasted coast, they found certaine Englishmen, which had seated themselves in Virginia, so named in honour of Queen Elizabeth, a Virgin, whom Sir Walter Rayley, a man in great favour with Queen Elizabeth, had sent thither of late for a Colony, in a most commendable desire to discover farre countries, and to advance the glory of England for navigation…. Lane & those which were carried thither, being in great penury and out of all hope of victualls out of England, & greatly weakened in their number, with one voyce besought Drake that he would carry them back againe into ther owne country, which hee willingly did.