Sr, As in my former letters I advertised yor honor by what strange accident Mr Knoles left the service he undertook wth me before her Matie, moved by such trifles as (under yor honors correction) were meter to brake amitie among childeren then men. So bycause I do waye in equall balance wth life yor honors good opinion of me, I thought it good to send yor honor this certifycat, under the Maiors hand of Plymouth, and others of her Matles servants and captaynes who were present when I publicly desired Mr Knoles to declare all the causes that moved hym to mislike. All wch he did or could allege are particularly set downe in the said certifycat, comitting myself upon the sight thereof to be judged, as the thynge itself shal gyve cause. But truly I can gesse noe other but that his pretence was to brake from the bygynninge, and ranne this course thereby to have color to arme to sea. And there wth all either to learne my enterprise and so to undertake the discovery of hymself, as one moved thereunto through ambicion and disdayn, either els to runne some shorter course, wch I wishe to prove mete for his callinge.