This chapter explains the Pan-German League's role in the process that led to the creation of the Adolf Hitler cabinet and the end of Weimar democracy. The Pan-German League's leaders viewed the Brning government's policies as an unmitigated disaster for the German people. The nationalist movement never overcame the substantial divisions that emerged at the Harzburg meeting between the Nazis and the established Right under Hugenberg. On the subject of internal politics, the League supposedly questioned the basis for the Nazi regimes political authority. According to Pan-German statements, Hitler's unprecedented consolidation of power had produced an unstable government dominated by infighting between various power centers. In short, Nazi security services believed they had more than enough evidence to justify a quick strike against the Pan-Germans. Moreover, the Leagues misguided attempts to produce closer cooperation between the Nazi Party and the so-called nationalist front led by Alfred Hugenberg only exacerbated the growing divisions between Hitler's movement and the non-Nazi Right.