Nigeria’s immediate needs in January 1970 were the re-opening of public utilities, restoration of social services, and reconstruction of war damaged facilities in the Eastern Region. During the 30 months of fighting between Nigerian federal forces and Biafra, hundreds of thousands of Igbos fled their homes in search of safety. The direction of movement for many of the migrants was towards the areas already secured by the federal forces. Nevertheless, while many moved, many remained in their homes despite the imminent danger to their lives. At the end of the war, the effect of this social disruption was compounded by the destruction of the socioeconomic infrastructure engendered by 30 months of warfare. As reported on BBC News (2007), the death toll on the Biafran side alone is estimated at more than 1 million. A greater number of civilians and combatants were injured and continued to suffer from various disabilities, and all those displaced inside the country needed immediate attention.