Modelling and Simulation (M&S) has been identified by the Pentagon as one of the 20

key technologies, which will ensure American technological superiority in the future

(Schuppe 1991). Growing complexity of equipment, tighter defence budgets and a

tremendous growth in computer capability have led to an increasing importance of

M&S in the US and elsewhere. In fact, modelling and simulation has recently become

What is it about? A computer model allows one to look at the features of a

design or situation without the need of creating the actual machine. A model is a

representation of an entity, which contains the relevant features. A simulation

consists of series of models representing a system or organism, which contains the

relevant behavioural features (Hambleton 2005, 251). In other words, it allows an

examination of the whole process or development of the system or organism over

time. Modelling and simulation are used in many contexts and for many purposes.