The ethical space seems equally capable of being characterized as a conception that involves the intentions or motivations of individuals towards other people and the perceived expectations imposed by specific situations. The Beauty of the Infinite is a picture David Bentley Hart paints in contrast to the agonistic ethics of a Levinasian masochistic sacrality. By a global ethic the author's mean a fundamental consensus on binding values, irrevocable standards, and personal attitudes. Such a recognized global moral fabric is, it is felt, essential to provide a deeper moral impetus to issues such as human rights, political and economic justice and peace. A. M. M. Qoursheh, A Muslim's Perspective Towards Hans Kung's Concept of Global Ethics: Theoretical Analytical Critique and Comparative Study. Carol Gould, The New Global Ethics and its Three Faces in Commers, Vandekerckhove, Verlinden, Ethics in an Era of Globalisation, The call for empathetic ways of meeting is in contrast to a simple tolerance as a response to ethical pluralism.