ThisI,TsarandGreatPrinceIvanVasil'yevichofAllRussia,have grantedtoGrigorey,sonofAnika,Stroganov,whohashumblybeseechedmeandhasrelatedthatinourpossessions88verstsbelow Perm'theGreat2alongtheriverKama,alongitsrightbankfromthe mouthofthestreamLysva,andalongtheleftbankoftheKamaopposite thePyznovskayabackwaters,alongbothbanksoftheriverKamaupto theriverChyusovaya,3lieemptylands,denseforests,wildstreamsand lakes,emptyislandsandpools,inall146verstsofthiswilderness.Until nownoploughinghasbeendoneandnodwellingsbuiltthere,andno kindofdueshavecomefromtheretomyroyaltreasury,andthisland hasnotbeengiventoanyoneandhasnotbeenenteredinanyone'sname inregisters,deedsofsaleorlegaldocuments.AndGrigoreyStroganov hashumblybeseecheduswishingtobuildonthatlandastronghold, andtomountinitcannonandmuskets,andtostationgunners,musketeersandartillerymentherefordefenceagainsttheNagaypeopleand otherhordes,andtofelltheforestalongthestreamsuptotheirheadwatersandaroundthelakes,andtoploughtheclearedland,andtobuild dwellings,andtorecruitunregisteredanduntaxedmen,andtoseek salt-pansandtobuildsaltworksandextractsalt.AndwouldImakea granttoGrigoreyStroganovandcommendhimtobuildastrongholdin thatplace,andtosetupinitcannonandmuskets,andstationgunners,

musketeers and artillery men in that stronghold for defence against the Nagay people and other hordes and order him to fell forests along the streams up to their headwaters, and around the lakes, and having cleared the land to plough it and build dwellings, and recruit men, and search for salt-pans, and where they are found to extract salt. And here in Moscow, our treasurers questioned about those parts Kodaul, a man from Perm', who had come bringing tribute from all the Perm' people. And this man of Perm' told our treasurers: that place about which Grigorey makes his humble request to us has always since the beginning of time lain waste, and there is no income from it to our treasury, and the people of Perm' have no settlers there. And should it be so as Grigorey petitions and as Kodaul of Perm' has said that from those empty lands we have had no tribute until now, and no tribute comes today, and the people of Perm' pay no taxes on them, nor has any tribute been paid to Kazan' or is being paid now, and that there would be no hindrance for the people of Perm' or travellers, I, Tsar and Great Prince I van Vasil'yevich of All Russia, have granted this to Grigorey, son of Anika, Stroganov, and commanded him: that in that empty land, 88 versts below Great Perm' along the river Kama, on the right bank of the river Kama from the mouth of the river Lysva, and on the left bank of the river Kama opposite the Pyznovskaya backwaters, downstream along both banks of the Kama as far as the river Chyusovaya, he should build a stronghold in the dense forest, in a safe and easily defended place, and mount in this stronghold cannon and muskets, and I have ordered him to bring gunners, musketeers and artillery-men there for defence against the Nagay people and other hordes; and let him fell the forest near this stronghold along the streams and lakes up to their headwaters, and plough the land around this stronghold, and build dwellings, and recruit unregistered and untaxed men. But he is not to recruit or to accept registered and tax-paying men from Perm' or other towns of our realm, nor is he to admit robbers and fugitives from among boyars' men with their families, or thieves and outlaws. And if there come to Grigorey from other towns or districts of our realm tax-paying men with their wives and children, and if governors or heads of districts or elected headmen send enquiries about them, Grigorey is to send these taxpaying men with their wives and children back to those towns from which there were precise enquiries about them, and not keep them and give them shelter. But if any men from our realm or other lands, men with money or with merchandise come to buy salt or fish or some other goods, these men are to sell their wares freely, and purchases are to be made from them tax-free. And whatever people come from Perm' to live there, those Grigorey is to admit but exclusively the unregistered and the untaxed. And in what place a salt-pan is found, there he is to set up salt-works and extract salt. Fishing in the lakes and rivers in those parts is to be untaxed. And wherever silver ore is discovered, or copper or tin ore, Grigorey shall immediately write about those ores to our treasurers

andnotworkthoseoreshimselfwithoutourknowledge.Andheisnot toenterthehuntingandfishinggroundsbelongingtoPerm'.Ihave grantedhimthisexemptionfromtaxesfor20yearsfromAnnunciation Dayoftheyear7066[1558]tillAnnunciationDayoftheyear7086 [1578].Whoeverofunregisteredanduntaxedmencometohimintothe town,itssuburbsandtheploughlandaroundthetown,andtothe villages,andontonewlyclearedland,fortheseduringthoseprivileged twentyyearsGrigoreyisexemptfromtributetomyroyalandgreat princelytreasury,aswellasfromrelaylevies,saltpetremoney,ploughinganddefenceservice,andsomeothertaxes,andfromleviesonsalt andfisheriesinthoseparts.Andwhateverpeopletravelpastthisstrongholdfromourrealmorfromsomeothercountry,withgoodsorwithout them,theyshallnotbemadetopayanydueswhethertheytradeornot. Butifhetakesorsendsthissaltandfishtoothertownsheistopayall taxesonthatsaltandfishthesamewayasourtaxesexactedfromother merchants.Andwhatevermen,whetherploughmen1ornot_,settleinthat strongholdofhis,ourgovernorsofPerm'andtheirbailiffsshallhaveno jurisdictionwhatsoeveroverGrigoreyStroganovandmenofhisstrongholdandvillages,andtheirsheriffsandconstablesandtheirmenarenot tocometoGrigoreyStroganov,tohisstrongholdandhisvillagesonany account,nortoholdthemtobaitzortosendanyoneouttothem. Grigoreywillbeinchargeofhislocalinhabitantsandistojudgethemin allcases.Andwhoeverfromothertownswillhaveanylitigationwith Grigoreyshalltakeoutthelegaldocumentshere,andaccordingtothese legaldocumentsbothplaintiffanddefendantaretoappearinperson beforeourtreasurersinMoscowduringthatsameperiodoftimetill AnnunciationDay.Whenthesedeterminedyearshavecometoanend, GrigoreyStroganovistobringtoMoscowallourtaxestoourtreasury onthesamedateofAnnunciationDay,totheamountwhichourscribes willhaveset.ThistooIhavegrantedGrigoreysonofAnikaStroganov: whenourenvoystravelfromMoscowtoSiberiaorfromSiberiato Moscow,orwhenourenvoystravelfromKazan'toPerm'orfrom Perm'toKazan'pasthisstronghold,Grigoreyandhislocalpeople duringthoseprivilegedtwentyyearswillnothavetogivecarts,and guides,andfoddertoourSiberianenvoysandtoanyofourother messengers;butthemerchantsofthetownaretokeepbreadandsalt, andallotherstoresandsellthemtoenvoys,andmessengers,andtravellers,andwayfarersatthesamepriceastheytradeamongthemselves: andeverytravellermayhireatanagreedpricecarts,andboats,and oarsmen,andhelmsmen,whomeverwillwishtohireoutcheapest.This tooIhavegrantedGrigorey,sonofAnika,Stroganov:nottoexactany