Will Facebook always exist and what impact is it really having on early childhood teachers? It seems that it has become an extension of our social self, much like the way the postal mail, telephone and text messaging eventually became an embedded part of our lives. Facebook and other forms of social media (along with the internet itself), however have pushed humanity into a space where socialisation must be frequent, instant and documented, perhaps even for all to see. This means that the human psyche is now becoming attuned to a transparent life and need to have instant answers, whether they are valid or not. This argument also suggests that whilst Facebook may appear as a negative tool for communication, it is essentially just a tool and it is the way in which humanity uses it that determines the impact. Therefore this final chapter leaves the reader with a number of important questions to ponder, not just in terms of how they engage as an early childhood teacher (beginning or mentor), but how they engage their being in social media and the level of awareness of the impact they are having, positive or negative.