On February 6th, the Daladier Government, with its ‘heavy record of blunders’, was making its first appearance before the Chamber of Deputies; having dismissed Chiappe [the Paris Prefect of Police] it was now practically certain of having obtained the support of the Socialists; and the mere thought that this Government would be approved by the majority of the elected representatives of the French people had a maddening effect on the ‘Reactionaries’. This anger against the Government was shared by many other people who were not really reactionaries, but who were simply bewildered by Daladier’s eccentric and muddle-headed behaviour. Without being necessarily in love with Chiappe a very large proportion of the people of Paris felt that Daladier had made a hopelessly bad start, and that the anger he had aroused among the ‘Reactionaries’ was, to say the least, understandable and