We are living to-day under the sign of the collapse of civilisation. The situation has not been produced by the war; the latter is only a manifestation of it. The spiritual atmosphere has solidified into actual facts, which again react on it with disastrous results in every respect. This interaction of material and spiritual has assumed a most unhealthy character. Just below a mighty cataract we are driving along in a current full of formidable eddies, and it will need the most gigantic efforts to rescue the vessel of our fate from the dangerous side channels into which we have allowed it to drift, and bring it back into the main stream, if, indeed, we can hope to do it at all . . . It is clear now to everyone that the suicide of civilisation is in progress. What yet remains of it is no longer safe. It is still standing, indeed, because it was not exposed to the destructive pressure which overwhelmed the rest, but, like the rest, is built on rubble, and the next landslide will very likely carry it away.