Source: L. Stoddard (1922) The Revolt against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man (Chapman and

Hall, London), pp. 177-8. (Stoddard was an American author and journalist, who also

wrote The Rising Tide of Colour.)

The revenge of the right

From then on the slaughter of working-class politicians became systematic. The Nazis marked down the local Communist member of the Reichstag, Walter Schütz of Königsberg, as their prey. Schütz had volunteered for war service when seventeen years old, had been three times seriously wounded, and after the war became prominent in the revolutionary working-class movement in Königsberg in East Prussia. He had frequently been threatened by the National-Socialists. One of them named Koch, now SA Leader and President of the Administration of East Prussia, during a session of the Königsberg members of the Reichstag, had shouted to him:

‘Wait till we catch you! Then we’ll beat you to death!’