January 6: Lunch at National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, where Dr. Stenton, of Hangchow, spoke of his experiences under the Communists. He has been in charge of a big hospital, leprosarium and T.B. sanitorium for several years. He’s an Englishman (Church of English mission). According to Dr. Stenton, everything – almost everything – has been sweetness and light under the Communists at Hangchow, although under questioning, he disclosed that there were some flies in the ointment. With regard to germ warfare, he implied that the Nationalist government on Taiwan had spread germs from airplanes. I told him that Dr. Price had stated that, during the “san-fan” and “wu-fan” agitation, over 300 suicides a week occurred in Shanghai – and asked him whether there were any suicides at Hangchow. He replied that he couldn’t give any figures, but that his own job as X-ray man brought him two or three cases a week of men who had attempted suicide by jumping. He said he didn’t know how many successful suicides there had been.