This chapter forms a key part of my journey in search for spaces of possibility and enact spatial change within the current Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Throughout the process I have been looking for different tools to explore and understand the conflict and its power relations emerging with different readings and site experimentations. This section however, adds a new dimension with its practice-based nature that involves a ‘live’ project, which aims to assist the process of analysis and healing. Working in collaboration with Riwaq – a leading NGO for architectural conservation in Palestine – on regenerating the historic centre of Birzeit (an important university town, just north of Ramallah) is thus one of the key investigative tools I have used to explore the spatial potentials of historic centres in re-constructing Palestinian space and identity. This experience involves a ‘live’ project that has in a way expanded my role towards critical architecture practice; one, which I believe, is urgently needed to engage with the kinds of social and political realities found in their most devastating state in places such as Palestine.