My best friend CJ and I (Eric) share one very common trait. We are both perpetually coming out of the closet. For me, whenever I meet someone new, the question is: how/when do I come out as gay? Every time I meet a new guy, for example, it is only a matter of time until they try to bond with me by pointing out a sexually attractive woman, or asking if I am married. For CJ, it is different. He wonders whether this new person will detect that he walks with a slight limp, and if he is wearing shorts he knows that until he comes out, the other person will be wondering what happened to him. This is because of the obvious metal foot that is suctioned on from just below his right knee. You see, my friend CJ lost a foot to bone cancer. And just as I will have to come out to new people until the day I die, so will he have to tell people how he lost his foot.