He, too, seemed surprised, because while he was playing tricks with his lip, his body, arms, legs, neck, eyes, even his voice phys ic ally changed and took on the char ac ter of the rabbit’s teeth and the short lip. Everything was intu it ive. He only became aware of it after wards after he

had checked over what had happened. It was we (from the outside), not Tortsov, who explained that the char ac ter ist ics that had appeared intu it ively as a result of a simple trick were the right ones, and filled out the picture of the man with the short lip and rabbit’s teeth. After he had probed his own mind and noted what had happened Tortsov

commen ted that there had been a shift he had not noticed and which he couldn’t take in imme di ately. There had undoubtedly been a mental change to match the phys ical

appear ance and everything that followed from it, because the words he now spoke, as far as we could see, weren’t his own, and not in his usual style, although the ideas he expressed were genuine and natural.3