Supertask, the Through-action, the Subtext, mental images, the creat ive state, and the other half is concerned with your psycho tech nique and Adaptations as I showed you in earlier classes. ‘When he is perform ing, an actor is divided in two. Salvini said, “When I

am acting, I live a double life, I laugh and weep and at the same time analyse my laughter and tears, so that they can touch the hearts of those I wish to move more deeply.” ‘As you can see, a double life doesn’t stop you being inspired. On the

contrary! One helps the other. ‘We are also split in two in the real world. But that doesn’t stop us living

or feeling deeply. ‘Remember, at the very begin ning when I was explain ing Tasks and the

Through-action to you, I told you of two perspect ives, running paral lel to each other.