Only you have to deal with inner tight ness differ ently from crude muscles. Psychological Elements are threads of gossamer in compar ison with the muscles, which are like cables. Threads of gossamer break easily but if you wind them together they are like cables that not even an axe can cut. But you must handle them with care from the outset.’ ‘How do you deal with these “gossamer threads”?’ the students asked. ‘When you are battling against psycho lo gical tension, you must remem ber

there are three stages, i.e. tension, relax a tion, justi fic a tion. ‘When dealing with the first two, look for the inner tensions, find out

their origin and try to get rid of them. In the third stage, you justify your new psycho lo gical state with the right Given Circumstances. ‘In the case in ques tion, use the fact that one of the most import ant of

your Elements (concen tra tion) is centred in you, in your muscles, it isn’t spread all over the stage and the audit or ium. Focus on some thing interest ing, a more import ant object in the scene. Direct it towards some goal or action which appeals to you. That brings your work alive.’