Tortsov came in, welcomed us to a new phase in our work and turned to Igor. ‘With whom or what are you in commu nic a tion right now?’ he asked him. Igor was lost in his own thoughts, and didn’t imme di ately under stand

what he was being asked. ‘Me? Nobody, nothing,’ he replied almost auto mat ic ally. ‘Then you must be one of “nature’s wonders”! We’ll have to put you in

the freak museum if you can live without being in commu nic a tion with anyone or anything.’ Igor tried to make excuses, assur ing us that no one was looking at him or

in commu nic a tion with him. So he couldn’t be in commu nic a tion with anyone. ‘Do you really need someone to be looking at you or talking to you to do

that?’ said Tortsov in aston ish ment. ‘Close your eyes, stop up your ears, say nothing, and find out whom and with what you are mentally in commu nica tion. See if you can detect one single moment when you have no object you are in commu nic a tion with.’