Not wanting to keep her friend Gwen waiting, she ran upstairs, slipped on her boots, and darted into her bathroom removing a hair tie from a drawer. She took her brush and pulled her long dark auburn hair tightly into a high ponytail, making certain to smooth any fl yaway strands. She uncharacteristically indulged for a moment, searching the refl ection for someone familiar. As she looked in the large bathroom mirror perfecting her hair, she wondered where she had disappeared to. Then, remembering she was meeting Gwen, she shook her head and lunged back into her routine. She grabbed her workout bag and scoured her walk-in closet for her handbag, until she remembered leaving it by the front door to save time. She hurried downstairs, threw the handbag into her workout bag, and put on her Burberry coat. She cinched the belt tightly as if to confi rm that she was in fact there. In an effort to hide in public she grabbed a pair of oversized black Chanel sunglasses from her mail table, slipped them on, and left.