Evaluating the consultant should be an ongoing process throughout the project. It is wise to set milestone dates for both you and the consultant to evaluate the project and its progress.

Once the project is complete, a formal evaluation is in order. This is the time to sit down with your consultant, tie up any loose ends, and evaluate the results. The meeting should entail a review of the project objectives, the consultant’s assessment of the project, your evaluation of the project, an appraisal of the relationship between you and the consultant, and a discussion of any remaining steps. When you submit an amount to be approved for the hiring of a consultant, it is good practice to make the amount about 10% higher than you offer the consultant. Frequently, valid issues arise that neither the consultant nor you could have anticipated, and it is only fair to compensate the consultant to resolve the issues. Business relationships are not only about getting the best deal: they are also about fairness and integrity.