In this essay I would like to attempt to define a Marxist feminist eontextualized stylisties. For this purpose I shall be drawing on the distinedy unfashionable work of Louis Althusser, a Marxist literary theorist, together with feminist stylistic and literary theory (Althusser 1984; see also Burton 1982 and Threadgold 1988a, 1988b). It may be argued that the eombination of Marxism, feminism, and stylisties is indeed a heady brew, but it is a neeessary eombination in order to overeome some of the problems eneountered both in traditional stylistic analysis and in Marxist analysis. These theoretieal positions ean be eombined to produee an analysis whieh is theoretieally rigorous and whieh at the same time enables the reader to engage with a text.